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Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

We all know that we can pay our auto mechanics a little now for routine service, or pay them a lot later for a major repair. The same idea holds true for your air conditioner or heat pump. If you don't service your air conditioner or heat pump regularly, you'll find yourself uncomfortable and broke.

An air conditioner is a very tough piece of equipment. It is engineered to withstand all sorts of abuse and keep on running. This is great in most respects, but it can lead to complacency about maintenance. Like a car, air conditioners need regular tune-ups to run properly.

Without regular maintenance an air conditioner loses about 5% of its original efficiency for each year of operation. This means that the 16 SEER unit that you bought just a few years ago may be functioning like a 13 SEER unit today! The good news is that you can recover most of that lost efficiency through regular maintenance. Studies show that with regular tune-ups a unit will maintain up to 95% of its original efficiency. This means that the cost of a tune-up is recovered very quickly in savings on your monthly electric bill and reduced repair costs. A properly serviced air conditioner will also do a better job of dehumidifying your home.

All equipment, even the most reliable, needs routine maintenance. Complicated equipment like today's air conditioners benefit in many ways from this service. They recover much of their lost efficiency, they are less likely to suffer a major break down, they have a longer life span, they increase your comfort, and they operate for less money.


  • Some Air Conditioning and Heating problems can DOUBLE the operating cost of you system without reducing comfort.
  • Up to 80 % of all air conditioning and heating failures could be eliminated if the problems that lead to the failure were corrected in a timely manner.
  • A unit that is not properly charged with refrigerant can increase the operating cost of the system by almost 20%.
  • Your Air Conditioning system should never need to have refrigerant added to it. An Air Conditioner is a contained system, if you need to add refrigerant to it every year there is a leak that is costing you money by effecting efficiency of the system and the leak should be repaired.
  • A dirty evaporator coil, condenser, or blower could possibly increase the electrical usage of your system by up to 50% or more.
  • Small problems left un-repaired can lead to very expensive repairs down the road.

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